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Sneak Preview From  Part 3, Page 25

A number of underground sites are openly admitted by our governments. These are the known, so-called military bases. But instead of being U.S. government projects, many of the levels on these bases actually belong to the Illuminati.

What are some of these bases like? These places have elevators going miles down into the earth, super-fast trains connecting the different sites and warehouses of stock piled materials. Some even have facilities for growing food. Spokes link areas to other areas. Entrances are concealed with hi-tech camouflage and quick shutting entrances.

These bases are designed so the elite could survive a worldwide epidemic, or a natural disaster like an asteroid hit, reversal of the earth's pole, a galactic dust cloud, or a nuclear war which they allow us to endure while they live in safety. Whatever disaster they see coming, they are prepared.

The following is written to everyone no matter who you are or what your religious persuasion:

If you are not a believer in God, it might surprise you that the Illuminati families of this world do. But, not the way Christians believe. The Illuminati have copied the anti-ethical philosophy of the secret religions that distort everything the Bible teaches and, thereby turned Lucifer into God and God into Lucifer! The leading members of the Illuminati belong to the leading satanists of the world. They consider Satan to be their only and true god.
That is also the principal reason they have been trying for decades to destroy the existing “World Order” in order to create a dictatorial “New World Order.” From the beginning of the world until now, the basic doctrine of the satanic religion has been the faith that one day Satan will openly rule this world. As long as we do not understand this dogma, we shall never understand why the Illuminati are trying to move humanity towards a world dictatorship.

Our global elite consider the devil to be their god and believe that Satan’s ultimate goal is establishing a dictatorial world power. Each day we are moving closer to this world power, the consequences are being experienced by everybody on earth.

What is the most important reason for establishing underground bases?

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